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ererObama has recognised either that he doesn’t want to respect Venezuelan sovereignty, or that he can’t.

Just before taking office, and before even signalling whether he’s open to a meeting with Chavez, Obama has commented that Venezuela has “impeded progress in the region” and “exported terrorist activity”.

He knows Venezuela is one month away from an important national referendum. He knows the US remains the world’s number one terrorist and obstable to democracy in the world, let alone Latin America. Yet he refuses to make the neutral noises expected of new heads of state, instead opting for an open attack and a clear signal that US/Venezuelan relations are not about to improve.

Aside from closing the base at Guantanamo (which Raul Castro, speaking with his military hat on, has admitted is a hostage of sorts), we can expect nothing more than business as usual in Washington under the Obama administration.

Of course, Chavez will be framed as the culprit in a “missed opportunity”. But I suspect that Obama’s glitz is going to fade around the world extremely quickly, and even within the US itself, as it becomes clear his foreign policy is little more than Bush II with less recklessness and added weasel words.

Obama’s fanatics could see their foreign policy opinions drift to the right as they refuse to believe that Obama, their idol, could be wrong on such issues. But the Venezuelans in the eye of the revolutionary storm know better. And as victims, their testimonies and experiences will be the most useful to truth-seekers.


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Milos Alcalay, and others like him stand for diplomatic protocol as demanded by first-world powers. They propose mealy-mouthed statements and reject any kind of strong position, especially taken against a “superior” nation.

That might be why Chavez’s expulsion of the Israeli ambassador is considered a “grave error” and a “sad day” for Venezuela. He also said “we are the only country that has expelled the Israeli ambassador”. That proves something, doesn’t it?

Israel is not the pariah state it deserves to be, precisely because of Alcalay’s thinking, imitated in halls of power across the globe. Countries fear the repercussions of denouncing Israel’s actions, or taking a strong stand against Israel, for the good reason that it shares the same interests as the Imperial United States of America.

Sure, these may be colonial and genocidal interests, but upsetting Washington is not the first choice of the spineless. They surely can’t be the only ones to speak out! What good would come of it?

Alcalay says Venezuela should show solidarity with Palestinians through “international mechanisms”. Which, judging by the regularity with which Israel concedes to international law or opinion, is precious little solidarity indeed. That kind of diplomatic direction is foolishness at best and an insult to the Palestinian people at worst.

He also says that Nicolas Maduro, the foreign minister, should moderate his speech “because he is speaking for all Venezuelans”. In other words, because there are people who support the Israeli onslaught as well as people who oppose it, the national government should try as hard as possible to say nothing at all.

It does not require a genius to see that Israel is slaughtering innocent civilians, women and children en masse, blocking all aid and weaving a complex set of justifications and distortions to a pliant international media.

By taking the most symbolic stand possible, Chavez has done a great deal for Venezuela’s national dignity, and taken the first step towards a growing movement. Without leaders willing to take bold and individual actions that reflect the will of the majority around the world, this ghastly conflict and the oppression which fuels it will never cease.

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ddThe success of the popular revolutions in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Paraguay, El Salvador, Ecuador and elsewhere are vital for the peoples of Latin America.

As proponents of a kind of socialism that can quickly bridge oceans and continents, we have a momentous task ahead of us in the coming decades. The prospect of ending the Empire’s vile militarism, which erupts periodically in the Occupied Territories as bombs rain down from US-gifted helicopter gunships into the most densely-packed and oppressed urban area of the planet, should be our greatest incentive.

The mass media filter out the most gruesome photos, as if they themselves had something to be ashamed of! Commentators who should be in straitjackets defend both the mass killings AND perpetual oppression on the basis of a handful of rockets, fired in desperation. Even though we had a 6-month ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, in which there were NO ROCKETS and NO SUICIDE BOMBINGS, and the starvation of the Palestinians continued.

None of these commentators can even bring themselves to pretend that Israel is now safer as a result of 300 dead Palestinians. In which case, why do something that inflames the conflict and makes Israel and the Jewish people less safe? The answer, which they can’t admit, is that inflamation is their only path to victory, however improbable that victory may be. Their “triumph” is only possible once the demographic explosion in the Occupied Territories has been eliminated. We all know what that means, and it isn’t a pretty word.

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